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Learn more about our innovative wall systems

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Learn more about our underground solutions


SRK Engineering, Inc. is a certified Disadvantage Business Enterprise (DBE) and Small Business Enterprise (SBE) General Engineering Contractor

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SRK's Precast Counterfort Retention System (PCRS)


Building walls has never been more efficient


SRK's proprietary wall system saves time and money. Our walls eliminate shoring, reduce soil export and requires minimal excavation meaning faster installment, quicker turn around time and more money in your pocket. We are a dependable and reliable subcontractor committed to innovation, solution and delivery. 


Feature Project

Mid-Coast Corridor Transit Project (2018)

SRK Engineering’s performance on our project represents the most successful DBE story that I have been part of in my career in construction. They are also one of the very best subcontractors that I have worked with, period.
— Terry Martin Project Manager, Mid Coast Transit Constructors (MCTC)
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The MCTC project extends the light rail from Old Town north to UCSD and La Jolla. It also adds a second heavy rail track through the entire Mid-Coast corridor.
— All The Walls MCTC Project review
The acceptance of the Precast Counterfort Retention System on this project saved millions of dollars in construction costs and also saved months on the critical path construction schedule.
— All The Walls MCTC Project review
The change to the PCRS wall eliminated shoring that would have been required for MSE walls, resulting in substantial excavation savings while providing a superior product.
— All The Walls MCTC Project Review
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“This light rail extension will improve the quality of life and mobility for San Diego residents and visitors, offering an alternative to increasingly congested freeways and a reliable connection to employment, education opportunities, health care, retail centers and attractions.”
— Tom Jenkins, HDR principal project manager


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